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Via Di Santa Cecilia 1


Lun-Sab: 12:00am-23:00pm

Dom: riposo


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Our proposals



Wine by the glass 

To tease


Scrocchiarella with tomato from Forno Marchetti 3€

Taggiasca olives 3€

Apulian Taralli 2€

Cheese boats with herbs 5€

Parmesan flakes aged 16 months 6€

Mixed bruschetta TERRA 4 pieces 10€

VEGAN mixed bruschetta 4 pieces 10€

Mixed bruschetta SEA 4 pieces 15€

Foie gras bruschetta  2 pieces 10€

Red prawn bruschetta* stracciatella and lime zest 2 pieces 10€


Cheese polenta with crispy lard and black truffle 16€



Tuna tartare*, smoked burrata and mixed salad 16€

Sea bass tartare* and vegetable crudités with citrus sauce 15€

Red prawn* tartare with avocado and stracciatella 18€

Salmon tartare* with feta avocado and botargo 17€

Amberjack tartare* olives celery datterini tomatoes with fennel carrots 17€ 

Scallop carpaccio with crunchy panzanella 16€

Marinated salmon with juniper salt croutons and yogurt sauce 14€


Octopus and potatoes 15€

Grilled swordfish steak with lime, potatoes and green sauce 18€

Roman-style cod with tomato and olives, pine nuts, raisins 16€


Sea bream* marinated in “CUVERIE” raspberry vinegar pink pepper ginger 16€

Scampi* marinated with lime, almond flakes and leek sprouts 16€

Raw seafood (oysters, red prawns*, scampi*) 29€

French oysters one 6€



Platter of local cold cuts and cheeses 19€

Black angus* tartare with egg yolk and black summer truffle 18€

Beef carpaccio* with rocket and parmesan 16€

Horsemeat tartare* capers, mustard and mixed salad 15€

Piedmontese Fassona tartare with brandy green pepper Parmesan cream 18€

Smoked duck breast with pears, rocket and balsamic vinegar 16€

Culatta and smoked burrata 14€

Sauris raw ham with buffalo milk mozzarella 15€

Pata Negra paleta 100% Iberian bellota 16€

Veal meatballs with sauce 16€

Chicken with peppers 14€

Salads and Vegetables

Salad with feta avocado and pine nuts 13€

Smoked mackerel mix with black pepper, orange and pistachios 14€

Fennel, orange and olive salad 11€

Caprese with buffalo milk mozzarella 13€

Mixed salad with salmon* tartare, avocado and citrus fruits 16€

Salad with walnuts pears flakes of parmesan balsamic vinegar 13€

Escarole in pan, raisins and pine nuts, olives, anchovies 9€

Sautéed chicory 7€

Baked potato 7€


A portion of cheese by A. Demagi from Castiglion Fiorentino (AR) 5€

DEMAGI large selection of 8/9 fresh seasoned blue-veined pieces 19€

Trio of French cheeses €16

Burrata with buffalo and anchovies Filetes de anchoa La Reina del Cantábrico 18€ 

Burrata 2pcs 8€ 


Tiramisù by the glass 7€

Dismantled cannolo with Pantelleria passito wine 7€

Cream ice cream with Grand Marnier chestnuts 7€

Chocolate Soufflè 7€

Panna cotta with chocolate or wild berries 7€

Apple pie with cream ice cream 7€

Chocolate or berries cheesecake 7€


Basket of bread 3€

Sparkling or still water 3.50€




*Products subjected to thermal remediation treatment (abatement)
reg. ce 853/04 annex 3 section 8, chapter 32 letter of point 3.
Read the list of allergens and promptly report any allergies to us




























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